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Creating corpses: Making bodies matter in Diablo 3

One of the primary things I said after we’d authoritatively chosen to bring the Necromancer back for Diablo III was: “In case we will make the Necromancer, he needs to detonate bodies, and he needs to restore things.” We all concurred that not having the Necromancer do stuff with cadavers …

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Paperbark creates a love letter to the Australian bushland

  Wombats are nighttime creatures. So in the event that you haul one out of its sleep and power it to chase for nourishment amid the day, odds are great that it’ll experience considerable difficulties moving around. That is precisely the situation Paperbark’s wombat winds up in. The tired, awkward, …

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PC Gaming Weekly: Wet Hot Battlegrounds Summer

  Ten million and tallying: That’s the quantity of duplicates of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that PC gamers have purchased since the last-player-standing shooter appeared a half year prior. That is an amazing achievement for Bluehole Studio — particularly when you consider that this improvement bunch has never made a shooter. Anyway, …

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GTA Online’s ‘Battle Royale’ mode reveals why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds works

  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has sold 10 million duplicates since March, and its galactic achievement was continually going to prompt imitators of both the shabby and triple-An assortments. While I find unreasonable satisfaction in the iOS and Android clones, similar to the indecent BulletStrike: Battleground, I’m entranced to perceive what greater, …

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