Monday, April 29, 2013

A Buncha Stuff

I've got some shit on my mind. Batten down, hold on tight to something heavy, and prepare for a messy brain dump.

Good music.
  • I like bullet points. Well, mostly. They suck in PowerPoint presentations, especially really dry ones during which the presenter does nothing but read them to you. Presenters like that should be shot before they reach the third slide.
  • The new album from The Indelicates is incredible. In fact, it's possibly the band's very best work. Packed with emotion, sometimes aggressive and sometimes tender, Diseases of England should be recognized as the art it truly is. Okay, yeah, there is a song called "Pubes," and it is about pubic hair on the internet, but The Indelicates are, well, not very delicate. Buy it now, tell your friends, and request songs from it on good, indie-friendly radio stations.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A mechanical key switch.

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage lately; they're an idea whose time came, left, and has deservedly returned.

Loghtech has entered the mechanical keyboard market, and that is a good thing. The G710+ has its advantages over mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards alike, but first, you should understand the difference.

Computer gamers often would rather be dead and buried with their keyboards and mice than forced to play a first-person shooter with a gamepad. There are two reasons for that: One, first-person shooters really suck when played with a gamepad (Halo included). Two, the precision with a mouse and keyboard cannot be matched with a gamepad, even if the gamepad jockey thinks he's really, really good.