Monday, February 25, 2013

Blast from the Past - Red Faction: Guerrilla

Excuse me while I perform necromancy upon this blog. POOF! There, that should do it.

I'm fittingly making the first post since Obama's first administration about a game from, in terms of technology, a few yagrillion years ago. Released on Steam and other platforms, and unfortunately festered with Games for Windows Live, Red Faction: Guerrilla started blowing shit up in 2009. Volition designed it for publication by the late, spectacular THQ.

A well regarded sequel to a pair of somewhat troubled Red Faction titles, Guerrilla capitalizes on a concept introduced by its predecessor, and does so with far more success. The idea was to include massively destructible environments, and the original games focus that idea on cave walls, the ground, and other dirt and rock type stuff. The sequel doesn't feature terrain that can be blown apart; it instead makes structures, like buildings, bridges, and vehicles, susceptible to damage and destruction.

Why write about it now? Three reasons: I'm filled with insomnia and boredom, it's a hell of a fun game, and most importantly, Guerrilla is cheap. Steam offers it for $20, and if you look around Ebay, and other discount sites, you can find it for even less.