Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prototype 2 Vs. CrossFireX - How-To

My review of Prototype 2 is in the works (late, as always), but first - some users have experienced frustration getting the game to work with AMD's CrossFireX.

Here's how I've solved the problem!

In the Catalyst Control Center app, which you can open by right-clicking a blank portion of your desktop and clicking Catalyst Control Center in the context menu, click on the Gaming button on the left. Then click 3D Application Settings. This window will appear:

Scroll down until you see the AMD CrossFireX for 3D Applications heading, and click the pull-down box:

Not surprisingly, the default mode is called Default Mode. For me, the mode AFR Friendly worked for Prototype 2, so click that mode:

Scroll up to where it says < > and click Save. Navigate to where you installed Prototype 2, and click the executable, My save path for my Steam version is pictured:

Once you've saved, you may discard the custom settings in CCC, and then close it. Launch Prototype 2, and see if it works for you as well as it worked for me!


  1. Good informative post, I guess it could be useful to Radeon owners who want to play Prototype 2. ^^
    Long time I haven't left a comment here. How are things doing with you? Good to see you keep the witty reviews coming :)
    By the way I've started writing some again myself. You can check back on my website and read the Dragonball Z review.

  2. Good job on the Dragonball Z review, man! Thanks for stopping by - I don't review stuff too often (health issues), but I do what I can. :)

    I'm doing as well as can be expected. How about you?

    1. Thanks for the props ^^
      Doing OK here, have not been as active at writing stuff either because of work has been plentyful in the past year or so... So whatever spare time I get I spend it with my wife and son. Still playing some video games, though, so I'm not totally out of it, just don't have time to write about it (at least something worth reading). I'm trying to get back to it slowly.
      I see your sciatic nerve is still causing you problems... That's a bummer to say the least. Any way to fix that? Like surgery or accupuncture?
      Well, thanks for stopping by my site and giving feedback on my review. Also sorry for not replying quickly... I somehow did not get any notification (maybe I'm not supposed to...)