Friday, July 22, 2011

Punching Out

I know the two or three readers of my blog have, occasionally and in passing, have perhaps wondered why I don't update it very much anymore. I have a reason, and it's a pretty good one. It sucks, but it's a good reason. Editors, too, might wonder where the hell I've been. This should explain a lot.

I worked the last few years of my career for ExtremeTech, and shortly after my layoff I had to come to terms with a sad fact. Due to crippling sciatic pain that runs down both my legs and makes my lower spinal area raw with pain, I can't do much, if any, work on computers anymore. The bending, the lifting, the etc. make the very idea excruciating to even think about.

Furthermore, I'm on some pretty mind blowing drugs to make the pain more tolerable. If you think that sounds fun, you've never been on these drugs. I'm not going to name them here. Suffice it to say they make it very hard to formulate, convey, and keep concentrating on a thought long enough to put it to words. Case in point: Five years ago I'd have finished a  piece like this within ten minutes - today it's I've labored for more than an hour frequently using the spell checker and wondering if my grammar is correct.

I've lost the ability to do everything I've ever made into a fruitful career. Surgery didn't work, neurostimulation is failing, PT made the situation worse...I've been through it all.

I'm a derelict.

Maybe at some point I'll be able to do game roundups like I used to, here, on my blog, for little or no pay. I appreciate the companies that still send me titles. Sometimes I can get a little while of play time in before my mind goes blank or the office chair becomes too uncomfortable to sit in.

Other than that, you can check out occasional, short rants on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, but other than social media my online life will be limited at best.

I wish all the love in the world to my readers, editors, PR associates, and all the rest.

I'm down, but not out.
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