Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Note - I Won an EC Award!

As one accustomed to bestowing editor's choice awards to the most exceptional of the products I review, I never really considered the possibility of receiving one. Now I finally know the feeling I've been inducing on the finest developers over the years: A short-short story I wrote and posted on Fiction Writer's Platform won an Editor's Choice!

The story is called Perfect Angel and it's so short that, were I to preview it here, I'd probably write more words than are within the story itself. I suggest you head over to the blog and read it yourself - it'll take you two minutes and you might even enjoy it!

If you really like it, feel free to preview Slip Away. It's a dramatic, full-length e-novel you can buy for Nook, Kindle or as a PDF for a mere $4.

EDIT: As Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played my favorite Doctor Who companion of all time, Sarah Jane Smith, died today, I feel compelled to share the comment I posted on the BBC news story:

XO Lis. I loved you from afar when you were Sarah Jane, that cute, sweet, perky little thing. I've seen the entire series, from the surviving episodes of the first two Doctors and all the way up the current Time Lord, and Sarah Jane Smith was and still is my favorite of the Doctor's companions. May your spirit travel through time and space in peace, Ms. Sladen.