Sunday, September 4, 2011

Support a Starving Artist and Get a Great Indie e-Novel!

My ebook Slip Away was recently chosen as the featured work on Select Authors! If you love a good read, consider investing a pittance of $4.00 at the Kindle or Nook stores, depending on which ereader you own. If you don't have one, you can buy the novel as a PDF at Lebrary.

It's coming-of-age tragedy laced with bits of dark comedy, romance, and paintball.

There is a taste of the book, in the form of the prologue and the first three chapters, available for your perusal. I really need you to share it with all your friends and work up a groundswell to get this sucker moving. My cat's life may depend on it: I'm very broke and very hungry.

Lastly, sometime in the next year or so, watch for my sophomore novel tentatively titled God Walks Among Us Now.

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