Friday, September 23, 2011

Slip Away - Technical Difficulties

UPDATE: It looks like it's now available via the iBookstore. You can also grab it at the Kindle store and through Lulu (via the button to the right). 

Slip Away, the spectacularly unknown novel that commands zero demand throughout the entire world, might not be available for a few hours (and hopefully not more than that). I've been battling Lulu's EPUB converter, which adores spitting out multiple errors with explanations so vague they could be about problems elephants experience while trying to mate.

Nevertheless, I think I've finally ironed out most of the non-issues that the converter honestly believe will cause the Rapture if they should make it past its crappy filters. If you have a Kindle, grab some cheap, good lit, as that service is unaffected.

Also, I'm going to write about games again soon. If that's what you're interested in, be patient just a bit longer. The upcoming posts won't be your average game reviews...

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