Friday, March 25, 2011

Pointless Idealism, but Noble, at Rock-Paper-Shotgun

The reason I missed this bus that rolled out on March 22 is due to a catastrophic PC failure. I've been rebuilding, restoring backups, etc. Anyhow, in the interest of not burying the lede any further than need be, I present to you a useless Web petition aimed at making game release dates the same throughout the world. This comes courtesy of Rock-Paper-Shotgun.

Yes, it's silly to think a bunch of geeks typing there names on a Website can possibly move the mountain that is the gaming industry. I'm sure there are very good reasons to "roll out" games on different dates based on international borders or something. Great reasons, in fact. Such as...well...yeah. Uh huh.

A couple of reasons not to, perhaps, include not pissing off your fan bases outside of the US and Canada, and the simple fact that there doesn't seem to be any good argument in favor of doing just that.

So, as RPS says, there are no oceans on the Internet, and neither should there be in the game world. Huzzah! Now, off you go to sign the petition. It'll do a world of good!


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