Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Muhammad Day is Stupid (language warning)

My feelings about this fracas are summed up in this post I made on Quarter to Three:

I was so fucking ready to participate. I was in the Facebook group and I had my picture ready.

The FB group threads were filled with Western idiots screaming "ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS" and Arab fuckheads screaming "WE WIL KIL U DIKS HU DRAW R PROPHET (PBUH)."

It was sickening. I was defending free speech, saying the point was that we weren't going to let radical Islamofacists prevent us from exercising freedom of expression through threats of violence. Responses amounted to: Western idiots screaming "ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS" and Arab fuckheads screaming "WE WIL KIL U DIKS HU DRAW R PROPHET (PBUH)."

Then I met a peaceful Muslim named Ali. He simply said, "Please, these people threatening you are not true Muslims. I beg peace. True Muslims respect all others and do not cause harm. Please do not insult our prophet."

Ali and I got in a conversation between all the FUCK ISLAM and FUK U WE KIL YUO posts. We grew to respect each other. He respected my lack of faith, and I came to respect his view of Islam, and his begging for a lack of violence.

I deleted my Muhammad picture. I can't insult a billion Muslims for the radicalism of a small percentage. I discovered I love peace as much as I love the First Amendment.

Take from that what you will.

'Nuff said.

One other thing: Ali Shehzad, if you read this, contact me.


  1. I should also mention my friend Tommy, who first got me thinking about the fallacies of drawing a sacred prophet in the name of freedom. Thank you, sir.

  2. I read your article and respect it as well. Which is why the "iraq body count counter" perplexes me. I'm former Army and still have friends that are serving. That counter is NOT correct. We haven't killed 100k civilians in Iraq or Iraq AND Afghanistan combined for that matter. We haven't even killed that many enemy combatants for Pete's sake. Joel if you want people to become "tolerant" of each other don't put inflammatory ignorant incorrect things such as that body counter on your site. It flies in the face of what your article is trying to achieve. I am a big fan of yours and if you truly believe in the garbage that counter is claiming to "report" that will quickly have to change.

  3. Hi Ricardo. First, let me thank you for serving. I tried to join the Marines about 20 years ago, but because I was on allergy medication they wouldn't take me. So it goes.

    Secondly, the IBC doesn't say American soldiers or any other soldiers killed that many people. If you visit the page and read the methodology, it indicates how many people have been reported in major news sources to have died at the hands of troops, insurgents, friendly or enemy hands.

    I put that there because I hate war. All war. I feel very strongly that while the search for Bin Laden was justified, the action in Iraq is a war of personal aggression; the aggression of the prior presidential administration in the US. It was based on poor intelligence and emotions, and there was no need for it. If we're worried about "weapons of mass destruction" then why aren't we invading North Korea? Dictator For Life Il is just as evil as Saddam Hussein was, but he didn't insult the president's daddy.

    Before you decide I'm a Democrat, know this: I didn't vote for Obama either, I disapproved Clinton (blow job and all), and I haven't really found evidence of a career politician that can be called honest except for maybe Fred Thompson, who was too true to himself to pander to enough special interest groups to get nominated. I'd have voted for him.

    The Iraq Body Count is there because the deaths of civilians in war is abhorrent. No, that's wrong. The violent deaths of any human being in a political war is abhorrent--soldiers, civilians, etc. Everyone who dies by bullet, grenade, IMD, smart bomb, etc was a person with loved ones who mourned his or her passing.

    On this day especially, I truly thank the soldiers who, whether the politicians who put them in harm's way made the right decisions or not, serve, served, and died for my country. My father served in Vietnam and is active in the VFW (he drove his troop's oldest surviving veteran in his green Jeep today's parade) and I couldn't be more proud of him, or more thankful for the volunteers who fight for us.

    I'm sorry if anything I said offends you. I appreciate that you're a fan of mine. The counter is here, on my blog, because of my belief that war is disgusting. I'd rather civilians and soldiers alike, worldwide, lived full and fruitful lives instead of dying at the hands of clubs, spears, swords, arrows, guns, and "ordinance delivery systems." If there were a counter somewhere that listed how many human beings have died in wars throughout human history, I'd post it.

  4. I see your point now and understand the reasoning behind the counter. I thought I had read into it enough but hadn't. Still a fan but and very glad you explained it to me because even thought I may hot have posted it, at least now I understand.

  5. Cool. Believe me, it's not a slam on our awesome soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen. I am so proud of every soldier that serves for our country. I just wish, wish so hard, that war wasn't necessary--ever.