Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The WhoStore Saga is Closed


Because WhoStore has offered a partial refund as a show of good faith, I'm hiding this post for the time being at its request. We had a dispute, but that dispute is in the past and the matter can be considered final and closed.

In fairness to those who took the time to comment, I'm leaving this placeholder and leaving the comments up. Let this serve as a warning to any retail establishment that may not believe the customer is always right: Sooner or later, he will be.

Case closed. Nothing more to see here. Move along.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I've had one buying stuff online as well recently... It's kinda hard to do anything about it. But I have to admit their "legal follow up" is pushing a bit. You paid for something you never received so they should be apologizing.
    what about your son? Have you got him something else?

  2. That's the sad thing, Mortenzen; unless we get the money back from WhoStore, we can't get anything for my son. Cash flow, etc.

    I've filed a complaint with the FTC, and I'm going to the BBB site today to see what I can do with international complaints of this sort. It's just such a frustrating situation, with my boy caught in the middle. :(

  3. Joel, I just heard an NPR story the other day about the ridiculous libel laws in the UK

    There is a whole cottage industry of lawyers who deal with the "libel tourism" it creates. Rich foreigners set up "offices" in the UK so they can sue anyone who defames them.

    That being said, flying off the handle and going overboard rarely get the job done ;)

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Shawn C. A choice quote from the NPR story:

    "In Britain, the burden of proof falls on the defendant to demonstrate what it published was true."

    I have documented evidence that everything I said above is true.

  5. Absolutely, and I believe they are just waving the libel flag at you in an attempt to deflect the truth about their lack of customer service. Wankers.

  6. That's too bad for your son... Let me know if I can help, not cool to have no Xmas gift.

  7. That's so kind of you, Mortenzen. Rest assured, my son got OTHER things for Christmas...the Doctor Who subscription was to be his "big" gift, but WhoStore sabotaged that idea. Eventually, through complaints via many agencies, I hope to get my money back...then my boy can spend it as he pleases!

  8. Hi Joel,

    As we said in the email to you, your emails to us were filled with angry comments pointing the finger at us for your magazines not arriving. We asked if you could check with your local delivery office, and you simply demanded a refund - despite us sending you 3 issues so far.

    We have just processed a refund to you, and suggest you find a retailer in the USA that deals with the subscription.

    For the record, we do not have any issues with any other of our international subscription, for which we deal with over 70.

    I am sorry that there seems to have been a problem with yours, but please try to remember that it is not always the fault of the vendor if things do not turn up. Sometimes items can get held up at customs.

    If the most recent issue turns up, then feel free to keep it.