Monday, February 22, 2010

School Spies on Students Through Notebook Webcams

If this doesn't make you sick, what does?

According to a court filing discovered by BoingBoing, at least one school in the Lower Merion School District, in an affluent Philadelphia suburb, is using, as I understand it, school-issued notebook computers to spy on students via the machines' webcams and microphones.

The school isn't relegating use of the digital bugs in school, either. It's spying on kids outside of school, including in places like students' own homes.

Thankfully, the school made the mistake of citing a student for wrongdoing at his own home, and the district's parents found out about the school's slimy, creepy practice. They've leveraged a class action suit against the school district. Which to me isn't enough; there should be a way to saturation-bomb the entire district for this wrongdoing.

Imagine the abuses. Perverted school officials watching students undress, or do whatever students do in their bedrooms, unbeknown to the students or their families. Imagine a sicko watching your daughter in her room...well, I'm past the point of rage.

The only option? Allow the students to bug the school officials' homes. Let the students watch the officials who made the underhanded decision, as they go about whatever nefarious business they do at home.

Oh, and students of other districts that have issued laptops? I'd suggest you put some electrical tape over the webcam and turn off the microphone, or cover it with putty. You never know who could be watching you.

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  1. I saw this news on my feeds yesterday but the related article had somehow been removed so I couldn't really figure out what was happening...

    I just wonder what interests that school may have thought it had in doing such a thing (not even talking about it being illegal...). It's just hard to believe that school was aiming at anything educational in doing so.

    I'm the proud & happy father of a wonderful 2-year old boy and would feel quite disgusted and outraged if I found out someone was trying to abuse/stalk him or anything... If I ever caught someone doing something like it, I'd probably be quite merciless and would opt for the following punishment:

    1. Catch the culprits and tie them up somewhere public (like Time Square) with their asses sticking up.

    2. Shattered glass coated parking meter penetration for a week.

    3. Dual shattered glass coated parking meter penetration with extra barb-wire layer for one more week.

    Next ones would think twice before coming near my son again.