Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going Under the Knife Tomorrow

Tomorrow (that is, Friday the 12th of February, 2010), I get minor surgery. I'm getting a permanent neurostim implant. Not only will it forever relieve my sciatica pain, but it'll also give me superpowers on the level of Cole in inFamous. Seriously, I'll be able to surf on power lines and toss cars like candy.

The good news is, the procedure will relieve my pain and make me able to lead a more-normal life. The bad news is I'll be awake the whole time and I'll need about a week to recover due to the fact that it is, after all, minor surgery. Thus, if you don't see much going on in this space, for once it's not because of sheer laziness. This time, I have an excuse.

Wish me luck!

That is all.

EDIT: All went well. You may now refer to me as your Cybernetic Overlord. :)


  1. Wow, so you'll have some electronic device implanted in your body...?

    Hope everything goes as planned and that you'll get well soon.

  2. Yes, it's like a pacemaker for the spine. I've already been through a temporary version (the electrodes were in my spine, but the battery/control unit was external; this time it'll be implanted). It's wonderful--it cuts off the sciatic pain before it reaches the brain, and all I feel is mild tingling.

    I'm as excited as I am nervous. I've been in crippling sciatic pain for years. This could very well be a life-changing operation. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. My wife and I will be thinking about you, buddy! We'll miss you, but take all the time you need. We'd rather have happy Joel in a month, than grumpy Joel in a week.

    Also, doctor's orders, no Elliot Smith while you're recovering. That would make for a nasty downward spiral of despair.

    Oh, and since you'll have your electrical powers, and I'll have my laser eye surgery powers, I'm thinking this will make for the nerdiest comic book in history!