Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Derek Torres

Back when Windows Vista was in beta, I was commissioned by Wiley to write the Windows Vista Ultimate Bible. I knew when I looked at the sheer scope of the book I couldn't do it myself. My agent paired me up with an experienced writer named Derek Torres, and together we wrote that huge tome.

After that, Derek and I kept in casual touch. We'd share witty remarks now and then, and when the Facebook fad went big we quickly became FB friends. It was always a pleasure to read his often-hilarious updates, and his sly comments on my own updates. Derek had a way with words that I can only envy.

We teamed up for another book, which also features the wonderful Loyd Case. That book, the second revision of Wireless All-In-One for Dummies, will be published posthumously for Derek. Derek died last week of complications of H1N1, and I'm absolutely heartbroken.

So here's to a great writer, a reliable collaborator, an incredible wit, and a great friend. Derek, I miss you terribly. Rest in peace, my friend.


  1. Great tribute, Joel. It is sad that his time on this earth was so short.

    The brightest stars always go out most quickly.

  2. I sat across from Derek for several years at the office. His witticisms always made the day go by faster. He was a great guy. Thanks for the tribute.

  3. He must have known his time with us could be short because he squeezed every ounce of the humor out of situations and generously shared it with us. What a lovely way to keep his spirit alive. Can't wait to read the book. I'm sure Derek is wirelessly connected somehow. Nancy

  4. I am sad to see these kind of things still happen... Sorry that you lost a good friend.