Saturday, August 22, 2009

Work Alert!

The awesome tech news/reviews/everything else site has posted a review I scrunched out.

It's a system review of the AVA Direct Custom GT3 gaming system, a little desktop with a top-handle for lugging about to LAN fests. Here's a clip:

AVA Direct's custom GT3 series is aimed squarely at the LAN party gamer, and won't throw out your back with its diminutive size and weight. It's built with portability in mind; the case is small, it comes with a handle and the thing weighs less than 20 pounds. And because it's custom, you can build it up as you please at AVA Direct's Web site. Finally, due to the fact that the GT3 is more a tiny desktop than a true SFF (Small Form Factor) machine, in theory, it shouldn't sacrifice much power for the sake of portability.

Please, check out the review and, if you're the commentin' type, comment as you may.


  1. this here blog doesn't get much attention Mr.Durham.
    I just quit playing Gears of War 2 a day or two ago. I went to Cooperstown and took a break, then I got home and I was terrible at getting head shots. So I ended up scratching the disc and now it doesnt work and I dont play anymore.

  2. I know it doesn't. I don't update it enough. I've been both sick and busy. More to come, I swear...