Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Durham on Games? How about Durham on Getting a Job?

All that awesome freelance I mentioned didn't pan out like I thought it would. Sure, I'm getting work, but it's slow to come. Meanwhile, my wife is supporting us. Thank heavens for Emily, the Ace Radiologic Technologist (aka x-ray tech).

I wrote another story for my writers' circle. It's called "Note." Give it a look if you care to. No word yet on my novel, which is in the skillful hands of my awesome agent Lynn. If it gets published, I expect my readers (BOTH of you!) to buy a copy and make it a bestseller.

More later. One of these days, a couple of pieces I've written will be posted. Maybe someday I'll even get paid.


  1. Freelancing sucks! Aside from dealing with taxes and other financial crap, the constant hustling for new business is what makes me hate my job sometimes.

  2. Just keep writing Joel - things will work our for you - you are too talented for them not to.

  3. Ohle: Right on. It sucks.

    jaysonrowe: Thank you so much. I needed that.