Saturday, August 22, 2009

Work Alert!

The awesome tech news/reviews/everything else site has posted a review I scrunched out.

It's a system review of the AVA Direct Custom GT3 gaming system, a little desktop with a top-handle for lugging about to LAN fests. Here's a clip:

AVA Direct's custom GT3 series is aimed squarely at the LAN party gamer, and won't throw out your back with its diminutive size and weight. It's built with portability in mind; the case is small, it comes with a handle and the thing weighs less than 20 pounds. And because it's custom, you can build it up as you please at AVA Direct's Web site. Finally, due to the fact that the GT3 is more a tiny desktop than a true SFF (Small Form Factor) machine, in theory, it shouldn't sacrifice much power for the sake of portability.

Please, check out the review and, if you're the commentin' type, comment as you may.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Durham on Games? How about Durham on Getting a Job?

All that awesome freelance I mentioned didn't pan out like I thought it would. Sure, I'm getting work, but it's slow to come. Meanwhile, my wife is supporting us. Thank heavens for Emily, the Ace Radiologic Technologist (aka x-ray tech).

I wrote another story for my writers' circle. It's called "Note." Give it a look if you care to. No word yet on my novel, which is in the skillful hands of my awesome agent Lynn. If it gets published, I expect my readers (BOTH of you!) to buy a copy and make it a bestseller.

More later. One of these days, a couple of pieces I've written will be posted. Maybe someday I'll even get paid.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Bullet: A Prototype Short Story

I'm an avid creative writer. I have a novel currently being considered for representation by an agent (whom, in turn, I trust completely). I have many, many megabytes of short stories here and there on my drive, possibly 20-30 stories in all. I rarely write about gaming or tech in my creative works, but this one's a bit different.

Give the fact that I LOVE writing short fiction, I belong to an online writers' group. The moderator, who goes by the screen monkier "Creole Ned," gives us ideas upon which we riff to create short stories.

I've been lurking this online message board based club for months, but finally submitted my first short story. Ned's premise?

Exercise 23: Games People Play
Write a scene or story based on a video, board or card game.

Check my entry out and let me know what you think.