Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slaving Over a Hot Computer

I know I haven't been announcing much in the way of work, but I'm busy as hell writing and schmoozing for parts. Down time has been scarce, so definitely stay tuned for links. I have about four current assignments, possibly five, and a batch of ideas I have yet to pitch.

Hey, while you're looking for something to do, why not check out the various sites of my good friend Jim Lynch? He was the forum moderator and Linux guru over at ET, before the staff got hosed.

He's all over the place, including Jim Lynch.com, Desktop Linux Reviews, and of course on the social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (where Jim & I often, good-naturedly argue politics).

Also still alive is my former fellow analyst Jason Cross, who hosts his own blog.

I'm not sure what Loyd's up to, but he had some big ideas before he took off to Europe for three weeks (loser!) (just kidding).

ET had some serious talent. Be sure to keep up with everyone who made the site what it was (Loyd, Jason, Jim, Mikey Nguyen, Jeremy Atkinson, and all the past tech gurus who are scattered about the ether).

Oh yeah, and me.

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