Monday, July 27, 2009

CoolIT Domino A. L. C. Cooler Review on PC Perspective

Check it out.

The obligatory quote (the intro, actually):

CoolIT Systems has built a reputation for bringing liquid cooling to the masses. With its various, integrated, sealed-unit liquid coolers, it has removed the need for amassing radiators, hoses, reservoirs, water blocks, and other miscellany and then assembling them into a working system free of air and contaminants.

Most of CoolIT's liquid coolers come with a reservoir/radiator/fan that mounts over the more-or-less standard, rear, 120mm fan grate found on most enclosures. Two hoses connect the unit to a water block that fastens to the CPU. The new Domino A. L. C. keeps up that same tradition, but comes with some new twists that make it even more compelling than earlier CoolIT liquid cooling systems.

Dig it. Let me know what you think.

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