Monday, July 27, 2009

CoolIT Domino A. L. C. Cooler Review on PC Perspective

Check it out.

The obligatory quote (the intro, actually):

CoolIT Systems has built a reputation for bringing liquid cooling to the masses. With its various, integrated, sealed-unit liquid coolers, it has removed the need for amassing radiators, hoses, reservoirs, water blocks, and other miscellany and then assembling them into a working system free of air and contaminants.

Most of CoolIT's liquid coolers come with a reservoir/radiator/fan that mounts over the more-or-less standard, rear, 120mm fan grate found on most enclosures. Two hoses connect the unit to a water block that fastens to the CPU. The new Domino A. L. C. keeps up that same tradition, but comes with some new twists that make it even more compelling than earlier CoolIT liquid cooling systems.

Dig it. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Legendary Loyd Case is BACK!

If you have a second and desire some serious insight into the tech industry, there's nothing like reading content from Loyd Case. My former supervisor, he's easily the most intelligent, knowledgable tech dude I've ever worked with. Loyd should be Mayor of the Tech Press.

Do check out his blog, leave a comment, and cheer him on.

When Loyd Case talks, people should listen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slaving Over a Hot Computer

I know I haven't been announcing much in the way of work, but I'm busy as hell writing and schmoozing for parts. Down time has been scarce, so definitely stay tuned for links. I have about four current assignments, possibly five, and a batch of ideas I have yet to pitch.

Hey, while you're looking for something to do, why not check out the various sites of my good friend Jim Lynch? He was the forum moderator and Linux guru over at ET, before the staff got hosed.

He's all over the place, including Jim, Desktop Linux Reviews, and of course on the social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (where Jim & I often, good-naturedly argue politics).

Also still alive is my former fellow analyst Jason Cross, who hosts his own blog.

I'm not sure what Loyd's up to, but he had some big ideas before he took off to Europe for three weeks (loser!) (just kidding).

ET had some serious talent. Be sure to keep up with everyone who made the site what it was (Loyd, Jason, Jim, Mikey Nguyen, Jeremy Atkinson, and all the past tech gurus who are scattered about the ether).

Oh yeah, and me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Game Character Smackdown Part 2: Doom Guy vs. Quake Guy

This bugger of a beatdown all depends on which versions of these games we're talking about. Doom, of course, is up to its third incarnation, while Quake is on its fourth. The purist in me, however, wants to compare the originals of each title, and how the nameless main characters would fare against each other.

The Doom Guy is armed with mostly conventional weaponry: a shotgun, a chaingun, a rocket launcher, a chainsaw. He also, eventually, carries a couple of more exotic weapons: the plasma gun, and the BFG9000.

The original Quake Guy, meanwhile, carries similar weaponry (a shotgun, a super shotgun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher) plus his signature armaments: the nailgun, the super nailgun, an axe, and a lightning gun.

Now, armed with all of their weapons, the Doom Guy would probably just fire the BFG and blow the Quake Guy to atoms. Stripped of that possibility, however, the Doom Guy becomes just about the equal of the Quake Guy.

This smackdown would basically be a running, jumping, strafing affair with thousands of rounds of ballistics fired off before one of the two went down. It also would depend greatly on the available armor, health, quad-damage, and other goodies might be scattered about the arena. For example, if someone nabbed quad-damage and got close enough for a decent shotgun blast, the fight's pretty much over in a mess of bloody pulp.

Conclusion: with the BFG9000 in play, the Doom Guy wins hands down. Without it, the fight goes to whoever grabs a lucky shot. It's a draw.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Live, Baby!

Here is my first live piece on HotHardware! I know it's only a news story, but more (and meatier) to come!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Videogame Character Smackdowns I'd Like to See

Here's a new, ongoing series for DurhamOnGames.

There are boss battles and there are boss battles. Most of them suck. You get killed a few dozen times learning the patters of each stage of the boss' attack, then you triumph--darting through a quick time event reflex test minefield or two in the process, usually.

I'm sick of boss battles. When the enemy life meter appears, informing you that you've progressed far enough playing the fun parts of a game to have to endure the boss sequence, I'd like to just end the game right there. It won't be fun again for at least a half hour of trial and freaking error.

How about this? How about cross-over licensing? Make bosses from one game franchise become the star of another franchise? You know what I'm talking about, and it's not lame Mario-meets-Sonic crap. Let me give you a few examples. Ten, to be precise. Ten videogame character smackdowns I'd really like to see. Sure, they're as likely to happen as a Marvel character meeting Superman on the big screen, but a guy can dream, right? Sheesh.

Alex "Prototype" Mercer versus Cole "Infamous" McGrath
They're brooding. They're angry. They have powers for reasons unknown throughout most of th game. And with great power, as Uncle Ben once told Peter, comes the need to do great damage.

Alex posses godlike powers of transformation, able to throw cars in the air, hijack helicopters, and devour people for their memories and his own life force. Cole has the power of a, well, a really angry, anamorphic battery. He can zap people, zap cars, and generally zap things. Can he zap Alex into submission?

Probably not. While Alex can disguise himself by devouring a target of his choosing, destroy entire buildings with devastator attacks, and rip through hoards of infected and military fools in a matter of seconds, Cole can pretty much shoot lightning bolts at targets. Sure he can flip and blow up cars, if he doesn't run out of juice doing so. In an area of a city that still has its power grid online where Cole can juice up when he needs to, Cole might stand a chance.

Who are we kidding? Expect Alex to be wearing Cole's skin as a trophy within 3 minutes of their encounter.

Next smackdown coming soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

Watch this Monday for at least a couple of news posts from yours truly. I have assignments from all three of the sites mentioned in my last post, and also from another couple of secret markets. More to come!

That, plus more regular blogging. Topics to include games, gaming, my sadly broken keyboard, and more. Gotta run for now, but keep watching this space...