Thursday, June 25, 2009

So it Goes

My final work is up at ExtremeTech. Check it out, and leave me a farewell on the messageboards if you wish. It links back to this blog, which, come Monday, will have two big announcements regarding my career.


  1. Joel, I'm sorry about you and the other guys for loosing your jobs at ExtremeTech, in my opinion Ziff-Davis is making a huge mistake by letting you guys go, even if the site countinues I'm done with them, when they let of all the people at go, I stopped going there because I used to go there to read about games but also because I liked the way some those guys wrote about games, after they were gone I felt 1up wasn't the same site I used to like and visit almost every day, what made ExtremeTech great was the team of people that worked there and without you guys I'm sure it won't be the same, the last two years have been tough, first we loose Computer Gaming World, then Electronic Gaming Monthly and and now ExtremeTech my favorite tech news site, man what's next?? anyway I wish the best of luck to you in your new job and I'll try to follow your work anywhere you go.

  2. Joel, Ditto on the condolences. On the bright side I haven't been too enthused by Ziff Davis since they purchased PC Mag, and given the trend I have observed, you will be better off. The job they did on Bill Machrone made me sick. What goes around comes around . . .

    As for Bill Howard and Mike Miller, I have been pretty upset with the trash they published a few years back concerning how good outsourcing was, and those being outsourced need to get a life – or words to that effect. I guess they were both trying to fit in to the new corporate culture. I wonder what Jim Seymour would say to this nonsense?

    I hope with the rest of the gang, John Dvorak has the sense to get out while he can. I get the distinct impression Lance, at PC Mag, is being set up. I hope he fares well.

    I know I’m rambling about PC Mag, but I suspect the same was going on at ExtremeTech. The crew at ExtremeTech had style and depth – you were different from Tom’s and many others that I continue to read. I guess ExtremeTech will follow the path of PC Rag, another PC World clone. Bling bling and no substance. Too bad

    Either way, keep us posted as to your where about. I like your work, may not always agree, and would like to continue picking your mind. We work in similar technologies but from very different ends. It is always refreshing to have an informed & different point of view.

    Best Wishes
    Mike DaBose