Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Another!

Another phone call, another promise of regular, steady freelance work from another major tech site!

This will be more opinion oriented than the first; I'll write editorials as much as anything else...and as you know, I'm an opinionated son-of-a-b.

Details to come! I'm so excited I want to spill the beans on both these gigs, but I can't...not until I'm officially done being a Lame Duck Senior Technology Analyst for the soon-to-be-nerfed ExtremeTech.

As soon as I'm unemploye--er--a full-time, self-employed freelance writer, I'll let you know where to watch for me. Until then, keep this blog on your radar.


  1. Glad to hear it. I can not belive they are killing ET. Man I hate Ziff! First they trash Byte and now this. Many they suck.

  2. I agree that it sucks - ExtremeTech was one of my regular must-reads. I don't know how they're going to continue after turfing all the writers. I can understand moving from employees to freelance, but to turf the freelancers too? Where will the content come from?

    Some advice though Joel - I know it sucks, but be careful not to become bitter or burn any bridges. Its a small (industry)world, and you'll probably come across the same people again in the future. Its unfair, but in the end, you are your (written) opinion.


  3. I made that mistake once, with a major publisher. I'll never burn another bridge again. I'm happy with 99% of the people in Ziff Davis Media and hold no animosity.

    Thank you for the advice, and the kind words!!